Persönliche Notizen

By showing you who I am, I invite you to show me who you are.

In dem ich mich Ihnen zeige, lade ich Sie ein, sich mir zu zeigen.





Ich bin zwar in meiner Aufgabe angekommen, meine Reise geht dennoch weiter: Jeden Tag wird das Leben größer. Die Welten und Erfahrungsräume, in denen ich mich bewege, dehnen sich aus – mal mit einem Sprung, mal leise und kaum merkbar. Diese persönliche Notizen sind Momentaufnahmen auf meinem Weg.


I am a wordy person. Thus it seems fitting that, for those of you who do not know me personally, I offer these writings as a way of accompanying me on my latest excursions.

What are my current concerns? This is always changing. And I cannot always find the time to write about them (two small children, a household, clients, my wife…the list of excuses is endless). So, please consider what I’ve written and chosen to post here as no more than a snapshot: a momentary doubt or insight, an itch that needed to be scratched, a glimmer of light that needed to be shared.

You will find conversations here with Corn Woman, for example, in which I have very little to say. Which is good: she is wise beyond measure; her knowledge is equally fathomless; I can’t hold a candle to her clarity and grasp of the apparently absurd.

Over time I’m sure that other entities will have a say here. Crow, for one, is always around, but he is the opposite of “wordy”. I can interpret his messages, but the words are always mine, not his. When I get better at translating “Crow-speak” into “people-speak” I will let him do more of the talking.



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