Corn Woman talks about being ready

Corn Woman, when is a client ready for change?

CW: You can never know.

But isn’t that my job? To know, I mean?

CW: Can you foresee rain? Meteorologists claim to be able to, and then get it wrong 50% of the time.

But I don’t use science – a terribly over-rated discipline. I use my intuition. I try to sense a client’s readiness for change.

CW: You can’t even predict your own! One day you are geared up to revamp your whole life, the next day you’d rather watch “Gilligan’s Island”.

But I know which day is which.

CW: Yes, and so does your client. Lindsay, all you can do is offer impulses. You can open a window and point out the beauties of the landscape. Your client – any man, any woman – decides for him or herself when it’s time to step across the threshold.

And when are they ready to do that? What has to happen first?

CW: Each person decides for himself. Has a man tasted enough pain? Is he bored enough playing the ‘victim’? Or are 10 more years of trying to win the affections of his deceased mother more attractive? Has a woman seen her fear of self-employment for what it is, namely fear of a chimera, a ghost of the mind? Is she so tired of giving her libido to her boyfriend that she finally wants it back? You cannot know these things. Only the person himself can know when he is ready.

It makes therapy – coaching – healing work – seems so haphazard. One session can lead a client to a huge life change, and then, on another day, the same client would rather watch Gilligan’s Island.

CW: Then watch it with him. Choose one of your favorite episodes.

Thank you, Corn Woman.


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